Sunday, January 20, 2013

things worse than alopecia. part 2.

sometimes my bald spots get me down, for those days i've got lists about why life is awesome and what makes me lucky. i don't actually want to post those lists online, so here's a slightly over the top internet version. if your alopecia areata (or other unrelated problem) is getting you down, feel better, because things could be worse. and if you have one of the conditions below, i am truly sorry.

for your reading enjoyment (hopefully) here is part 2 in an ongoing series of things worse than alopecia areata.
  • epidermodysplasia verruciformis. sure there's a poem about how lovely trees are, but it would probably suck to turn into a tree.
  • living in an iron lung. unless mtv started a series called "pimp my iron lung" in which case, it could be cool. 
  • pica disorder. if you have pica disorder, you'd eat dirt, because you want to. which i suppose is better than eating dirt and not wanting to. 

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