Sunday, January 20, 2013

meet the bald spots.

in honour of sunday, here's a series of photos of where my bald spots are at. allow me to introduce you to them. 

on the left, we've got the two spots i've had for over a year. they're starting to grow in thin and white. in the middle, we've got a series of spots that have been forming over the course of the last few months. the one closest to my forehead (that's growing in white) started first, then the one to the left of it started, then the one closest to the back of my head, and that little canal joining the front and back one just happened over the past couple of weeks. i can also see the front one is spreading to the left. these spots are definitely the most worrisome for me, and toughest to cover. it seems as though they're starting to sprout new hair, but it's quite fine and some of it is white. on the right, the larger spot is a couple of months old, and is growing in white. the spot above it is new. 

i have other tiny spots around my head, but as of right now they're nothing of consequence. 

i should also note that i haven't coloured my hair in almost 4 years. the brown is my natural colour, and the white regrowth is my new natural colour. it will be interesting to see if they all grow in white, and if they grow in thick, or if my hair is just going to be thinner now. i actually don't mind the white hair. it's definitely better than no hair.

to be honest, it kind of hurts my heart to look at these photos and see how much worse it's gotten over the past year, but it also makes me thankful for how well i'm able to keep things covered. 

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