Saturday, January 19, 2013

hypnotizing the alopecia out of me.

according to the internet, there has been some success in treating alopecia areata with hypnotherapy. the general consensus seems to be that alopecia areata is caused by stress / anxiety / depression. i don't necessarily believe this to be true, but since i'm trying almost any solution i can find online / in real life, i figured i'd give it a shot.

i had my first session a few days ago. it was interesting, and definitely not what i expected. mentally, i was much more alert than i thought i'd be. physically, i was pretty relaxed and would've loved to have taken a nap. the appointment started with my hypnotherapist helping me write statements that she would say to me when i was hypnotized. they were mostly about:

  • acceptance (of alopecia areata, and whatever hair loss happens as a result of it).
  • embracing the future and unknown (worrying less).
  • feeling positive (about myself and the world around me).
  • encouraging good health and hair growth. 

i got myself comfy in the chair and she began talking about how relaxed i was getting, and then there was lots of counting down to how much more relaxed i would get. she read the positive statements to me, and repeated them twice and then she counted me out of hypnosis. that entire process took about 15 minutes. i recorded the whole thing on my phone so i could listen to it at night before bed. when i left the appointment, i felt amazing, positive and euphoric. like, tipping my hat at various strangers kind of good. my next appointment is in a week. apparently that session will be a deeper, more intense hypnosis. i'll post an update after that.

i just did a took a brief survey of two (myself and my friend) and we both agree that i'm typically a happy, upbeat and positive person. i don't really get stressed, and am definitely not depressed. that being said, i am a bit of a worrier, which i'm trying to get in control. over the last 13 years of having alopecia areata, this is by far the worst it's ever been, but it's definitely not the most stressed i've ever been, which is why i have a hard time believing the two are related. i'm still hopeful that hypnotherapy might work for me. and event if it doesn't, that feeling of euphoria i get afterwards, is pretty great.

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