Friday, January 11, 2013

2 lesser known alopecia solutions that totally didn't work for me, but totally might work for you.

1. don't eat raw eggs.
biotin deficiency can cause alopecia (and brittle hair). raw eggs (specifically the whites) bind to biotin and deplete the body of it. for the record, i never sat around eating raw eggs. however, i did sit around eating cookie dough and cake batter. did i mention that i enjoy baking and like sugar? i used to take a biotin supplement by natural factors -

2. onion juice will put hair on your head. maybe.
the internet (and real life) are full of people that insist putting onion juice on your pesky bald spots can help hair regrow. i've tried this, and yes it made my hair grow back, but my hair (so far) has always grown back. did it make it grow back faster? maybe. just try it. so you'll smell like a salad bar for a while. you could smell like worse things.

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