Wednesday, January 16, 2013

coping and not coping.

late last week i was in panic mode about my hair, lack of hair and possible worst case scenarios (ie., what happens if i lose all my hair, everyone disowns me and the sky falls down). i was pretty upset. i let myself wallow in it for a day, then i slept it off and woke up the next morning ready to kick some alopecia butt. i think sometimes it's important to hit a low-low, really feel it and then use that negative energy to motivate yourself into something positive.

IF all my hair fell out, i'd buy 1 (or 12) kick arse wigs. i'd never have a bad hair day again.

IF my hair continues to fall out in the patchy way it has been and i'm no longer able to use my hair as a donald trump inspired comb over, i'd buy some hats and scarves and rock that look. i've also been researching partial wigs, and a hair thickening powder that's used in the film industry. i haven't tried it yet, but i've heard and read good things. here's a link if you're curious.

some days are easier than others, and i find it's the fear of the unknown that's scarier than anything. i used to get so upset when i found 1 bald spot. now that i've got 9 and counting, i'm trying to freak out less, and do a better job of appreciating the hair i've got, while i've got it. at the risk of sounding silly, i'm trying to look at this as an adventure. each day brings something new, whether it's a new bald spot, or new hair growth, or a new friend in a similar situation. i think there's a bigger lesson on acceptance and coping that's happening here. i might come out of this without any hair, but at least i'll have learned a lot about dealing with the unexpected.

tomorrow's adventure: hypnotherapy!

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  1. I want to know how the hypnotherapy went! Also, good for you for finding ways to stay positive. Not always an easy task.