Thursday, January 9, 2014

maintaining your high maintenance human hair wig.

my human hair wig is gorgeous. a work of art. the cadillac of wigs. i spent a lot of money on it, but the moment they mentioned the cost of up-keep ($60 every few weeks to have it washed and styled) i reverted back to my frugal ways. i told them it wasn't possible for me to make it in to have it styled every month and asked for tips on washing and styling it at home. i will now gift this info to you.

presenting (play drum roll in your head / on a nearby object) THE ALOPECIA PROJECT'S GUIDE TO WASHING AND STYLING YOUR HUMAN HAIR WIG. (end drum roll).

supplies required: human hair wig, towel, wide tooth comb, matrix colour care shampoo, redken all soft conditioner, moroccan oil, running water, spray bottle with water, somewhere to dry your wig (i use a doorknob or clothes drying rack), round styling brush, hairdryer / flat iron.
  1. make sure your wig is free of knots (i use a wide tooth comb to get those bad ass knots outta there). 
  2. i wash my wig under running water (synthetic wigs are fine to wash in a sink, running water is key for human hair wigs). always keep the water running in the direction your hair hangs - this keeps the knot monsters away. 
  3. hold wig under running water until it's soaked. with one hand, hold the wig, with the other hand, begin gently applying shampoo by lightly rubbing fingers back and forth over hair focusing on the cap of the wig. i also wash the inside of the cap. 
  4. rinse wig (with water flowing in the direction your hair hangs). 
  5. apply conditioner to the ends (not required on the cap). 
  6. rinse (say it with me: with water flowing in the direction your hair hangs). 
  7. gently squeeze water out of the length of your hair (do not squeeze the cap). 
  8. use a towel to gently pat off excess water. 
  9. apply moroccan oil to the ends as a leave-in treatment.
  10. hang wig on a door knob / lay flat on a clothes drying rack to dry (if you put it on a wig stand to dry, you risk stretching it).  
  11. when your wig is completely dry (mine takes approximately 12 hours) you can comb it with a wide tooth comb. make sure it's dry before you brush / comb it so you don't stretch your wig. 
  12. i find it easiest to put my wig on while i'm styling it. i spray my hair with water one section at a time and proceed to blow dry each section until it's straight. when i'm done blow drying i sometimes use a straightener or set it in velcro rollers to give it some body.
  13. leave house wearing wig and feeling like a million bucks.
easy! and a lot cheaper than paying someone to do it for you every month. maybe i should start a side business washing wigs.

i wear my wig 5 or 6 days a week and wash it ever 4 weeks or so. when i bought my wig and had it cut and styled the first time, i watched them use high heat hair dryers and straighteners on it. this is definitely going to damage your wig a bit, so be mindful of that while you're styling it.

if any of you are interested in step by step photos or a video of me washing and styling my wig, let me know and i'll make it happen.


  1. I love your blog. Thanks for giving me hope! I really think my hair will grow due time. I have a few questions though...I hope you check your email frequently.

    1. Thanks Sandy! I got your email and you'll get a reply today!

  2. LIndu... You're so courageous and such a help to those that really need a place to turn! Do you plan on posting pics of you and "the wig"? lol I see you're starting to transition out of the wigs currently but do you plan on doing more research and topics about wigs? A few friends of mines who I met through alopecia support groups were raving about this company called New Hair Technology. Apparently, they've tried multiple wig companies but this company is the best kept secret. I'm just trying to gather more info about them before I make a purchase. Maybe try a videotutorial next time? That would be pretty cool! Anyway, thanks for your dedication and helpful tips and info!