Sunday, September 8, 2013

baby steps (and baby hairs).

i am the proud owner of a lot of new hair sprouts (and a few new bald spots - but let's not focus on those). my hair is coming in white. not blonde. not grey. white. although there's also some darker hair coming in. i hate to sound desperate, but i'll take any hair i get. check out this photo of my hair in april, june and then yesterday. i think i'm finally making progress in the right (and less bald) direction.

here's a list of what i'm doin' that may (or may not) be helping:

i'm still seeing my doctor in traditional chinese medicine. i think he's amazing. every time i see him, he does accupuncture, as well as giving me chinese herbs to take twice a day. if you're in or near toronto, i'd highly recommend him. email me if you want his deets. 

  • silicea, 1 tbsp / day
  • iron, 2 / day (thorne, ferrasorb - this is the greatest iron supplement i've ever taken. evar.)
  • vitamin c, 2 / day (natural factors, 1000mg)
  • biotin, 1 / day (natural factors, biotin)
  • vitamin d, 4 drops / day (genestra, d-mulsion)
  • magnesium, 3 before bed (canprev, magnesium bis-glycinate)
shampoo / conditioner:
  • giovanni, tea tree triple treat shampoo
  • kiss my face, whenever conditioner (i put this on my scalp, but use an intense conditioner for my ends)
and i'm still applying this cream to my spots:
homemade vitamin d anti-inflammatory cream:
- d-mulsion (genestra) 30ml
- cosmaderm (aor) 30g
- aloe vera cream (ferlow botanicals) 60ml

mix products and store in an airtight container. apply 2x / day.

most importantly: stay positive. (written by someone who sometimes sorta excels at it, and sometimes definitely doesn't).

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  1. thank you for sharing your story! Have you ever tried dr.bonners tea tree soap?