Wednesday, June 19, 2013

fear of flying - wig wearer edition

not sure if all wigs are like this, but mine has metal clips in it. tiny metal clips that love to pull out my actual hair. i should remove those. anyway, friday morning will be my first flight since getting my wig. i'm torn as to whether or not i should wear a hat, or wear the wig and hope they don't frisk my hair.

i'm currently thinking i should wear the wig (as they'll most likely definitely make me take the hat off to go through security) and then just deal with whatever alarms i might set off, when / if i set them off. i'm just a little worried they'll make me take my wig off in front of a huge line up of people. actually, i'm worried they'll make me take it off, period. i mean, if they make you take your shoes off, why wouldn't they make you take off a wig?

i'll post an update as soon as i've cleared security.


airport security doesn't give a shart about wigs or what's under them. take that piece of info and use it however you will.


  1. Thanks for the laugh!
    (and for the answer to my question of course).
    You're awesome!
    Hugs from your new italian "alo-friend"

  2. ooops... I was laughing for the other post, the one about the guy, sorry, smthing went wrong!