Sunday, February 10, 2013

good news / bad news.

good news! a lot of my bald spots are regrowing (and most of them are growing in brown, not white!).

bad news! the parts without hair are increasing, and it's falling out in freaky deaky chunks, which is pretty freaky deaky. 

good news! i'm almost at the re-introduction portion of the elimination / anti-inflammatory diet. which is great, because i really miss cheese, gin and red meat. and i'm hungry. all. the. time. 

the diet itself will be over in a few weeks, which works out perfectly with a trip i just booked to hawaii, which works out perfectly with my latest treatment decision. as soon as this diet's over, i'm going to spend more time focusing on taking care of myself, eating well and being as awesome as i can be everyday... and spend less time focusing on my alopecia. applying cream to my bald spots twice a day might be helping my hair regrow, but on an emotional level, i don't think it's doing me any favours. i get to see progress (which is great) but it also forces me to see more hair loss, and that aspect of it is disturbing for me. i'm definitely not at the point where i need a wig, but it's continually getting tougher to keep all of the spots covered on the top of my head. on the suggestion of a friend i've bought a bunch of silk scarves to wear as headbands. constantly fussing with my hair to keep my combover where it should be, is (not surprisingly) also not great for my ego.

anyway, it could be worse. at least i'm surrounded by great family and friends who don't give a shart how much hair i do or don't have. 


  1. I LIKE your attitude. It's very encouraging, where you have alopecia or not.

  2. Doh... *whether* you have alopecia or not.