Friday, February 22, 2013

eliminating the elimination diet.

four long, hungry weeks ago i set out on a mission to eliminate all of my favourite foods from my daily repertoire in order to determine which (if any) of them make my body cranky. this mission is called the elimination (or anti-inflammatory) diet, and i'm happy to say, i survived.

last week i started re-introducing food. so far i've added dairy, eggs, sugar and corn without any issue.

for the 3 weeks that i was on the strict part of the diet, i was pretty lethargic (which was probably a nice change for the people around me who find me annoyingly hyper). as soon as i re-introduced dairy last week, my energy levels were back, and i've been feeling great since. i still have to re-introduce a few big ones (soy, nightshades, gluten).

in terms of my hair, lots of spots are growing in, but i'm still losing a lot of hair. the patches on the top of my head have lovely new sprouts, but the areas around them are now falling out. i've been channeling my inner hippie and wearing scarves on my head everyday. i've included a couple pics that i took in my glamourous work bathroom. the scarves have been amazing for covering the spots on the top of my head. and it's a nice break from wearing hats everyday. all of my silk scarves came from my mom (thanks, mom!) or ebay.

in other news, later today i've got an appointment for a wig consultation. i've really struggled with this decision. part of me feels like i'm giving up by getting a wig / partial, the other part of me is tired of wearing hats / scarves and worrying about spots showing on a daily basis. that being said, i'm pretty excited for my appointment and finding out more about what my options are. i just might come home with a platinum blonde wig that goes to my waist. but probably not. blog post to follow...

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