Thursday, February 9, 2017

hair today, gone tomorrow (OMG how have I not used that title before).

This year, my hair went on an exciting journey... down my bathtub drain / into my garbage can. I lost almost all the hair on my head in a 6 week period. In my 18 years of bald spots, I've never experienced anything like it. I'd wash my hair and it would come out in chunks. I could've made a sweater from all of my hair that had gathered on my sweaters.

I finally decided to shave it a couple of weeks ago. It was a tough decision, but I (almost) immediately felt better about how I looked. And apparently I've got a great shaped noggin. Let me show you.

It's weird (and kind of amazing) having a shaved head. Washing my scalp is a breeze! And styling my hairs is an absolute dream. AND (perhaps most importantly) no more hairballs in my bathtub. See! There's (almost always) always a bright side.


  1. Oh wow, you really *have* got a beautifully shaped head *and* nicely proportioned ears!
    I'd have done the same before I even got to the point you did because when I'm losing hair I grieve *so hard* for what's missing that it's painful to see what remains, if you know what I mean? But I'm prone to being rash, doing drastic things in the heat of the moment/ emotion, and have 0 patience.
    Thanks so much for your blog <3

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and mentioning that you're grieving what's gone. This situation isn't relatable to many. I figure acceptance is key, but for me at this point feels almost impossible.

      I hope you are doing well, feeling good and slaying the world with your beautiful bald head. :)


  2. Hi,

    I am maria, really its very worst experience while suffering through Alopecia Areata. its disturb our happy life. :(

    Thanks for your post

  3. Hello, My name is Jennie and my 6 year old daughter just got diagnosed. I have been really sad about it but love reading over your blog. YOu are inspirational and have a wonderful attitude and outlook on life!
    Best wishes, you rock!

    1. Hey Jennie! Thanks for the comment. I hope you and your daughter are doing ok while processing the diagnosis. The good news for her is that she's young and because of this will be super resilient and not aware of the same "beauty" pressures that adults are aware of. Her lack of hair will be as normal for her as you, her family and friends are able to make it. Bald is beautiful and hair does not define how amazing she is and how amazing she will continue to be. She could grow up to become the first bald female Prime Minister, or the first bald female Astronaut. The world is her bald oyster and I have no doubts that you will help her see this. I volunteer at a kids hospital and see lots of beautiful girls dealing with chemo and rocking the bald look - without giving it a second thought. It might take some time, but you will adapt and get used to this.

      Thinking good thoughts for you and her, and wishing you both the best on what can be an overwhelming situation. Focus on the good and don't let this get you down. xoxoxo