Monday, February 2, 2015

a story about the time that a hair product changed my life.

friends and strangers, gather 'round for a sweet little story about a girl with alopecia areata who wanted to confidently go out into the world, without wearing a wig. the story has pictures, calm down.

i'm a pro at rocking the female combover, unfortunately for me, one of my bald spots has gotten large enough that my female combover is coming up short. enter life changing product, sure thik. it's an easy to use, lightweight powder that's available in a bunch of shades (mine's medium brown, thanks for asking). here's how i use it: i sprinkle the powder over any bald-ish areas, gently pat it down, re-position my combover, give it a spritz of hairspray to hold it in place and voila! (see photo for voila moment).

there are similar products on the market, but i specifically chose this for a few reasons:
1. the ingredients are natural. there was nothing crazy sounding that i couldn't pronounce.
2. my dermatologist gave it a big ol' dermatologist's thumbs up.
3. it's canadian (yay canada!). this point won't matter to you if you aren't canadian. it might not even matter to you if you are canadian.

i'd highly recommend this to anyone looking to cover thinning / balding areas. i live in canada where it's currently winter and sure thik definitely holds up against the frigid, snowy, windy elements. it's made it so much easier for me to go out with confidence (and without a wig). it's $30 for a bottle that lasts me for a couple of months. not a bad price to feel good about yourself.

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  1. Are you on the "Alopecia Areata" facebook group? If not, you should be. Lots of people talk of how dietary changes helped, if not grew all their hair back. Long process of course. Also, people talk of "leaky gut".

    I have been trying a non-grain diet. Even no gluten free crap. Green avocado smoothie in the morning. Then fish, vegtables, fish, vegtables...the routine is getting old but like you I have noticed a difference with stomach growls and just general feeling better.